Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kayaks Australia kick in major coin for the Flying Doctors

Well fundraising for the SDCC has taken off with a flying start. The good people at Kayaks Australia have promised $5 per kilometre in sponsorship for the Royal Flying Doctors Service. This means that potentially they are going to kick in almost $3000.00 towards the RFDS. Their support is up on their website with a bit of a story and they even have a shocker photo of half my head up on the site!

Denise and Troy from Kayaks Australia have put money into charitable works for some years now as their own way of giving something back to the local community, and their belief in my ability to complete this endeavour has really charged me up to give it my best shot.

Fired up by their support I headed out this weekend to chase some support and quite a few friends and family have been steam-rollered by the sponsorship machine this weekend. Currently I have about $7 a kilometre in sponsorship, so I am pretty chuffed with the support. Hopefully they will all remember in October when the race is done!

The only big thing for me to sort out now is the logistics support for the race. I have the truck, bike and all the camping gear sorted so the last thing is a driver to get the whole lot to the other end of the race and offer me a kind word or two along the way. I have a couple of tentative offers, but I'm sure that it will sort itself out in a week or two.

I guess all that is left to do now is a bit of training!

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