Monday, April 20, 2009

Got the cast off my left foot today, the Orthopaedic Specialist informed me that the walker boot could stay in the cupboard and I can start some easy walking about on flat surfaces. He also told me that I can start some gentle riding to get my leg strength back. This is psychologically a big bonus as I have really missed being on the bike over the last few weeks. A little worry still remains however, and given how stiff and sore my ankle and foot still feels I think the trainer will be a good starting place. Its almost been 6 weeks off the bike, so I will probably hit the trainer 20-30 min a day this week to get my legs turning over.

On the down side, a long overdue visit to the physio this afternoon confirmed what I have suspected for a couple of weeks now, the fall at soccer which broke my ankle also did a real number on the soft tissue, with torn ligaments and tendons all over the shop. The down side is that these haven't been treated proactively, the plus being that 6 weeks in stasis means that the tissue damage is largely sorted out, it is just a stretching and strength program.

Looking forward to my new training program from Alex Simmons from RST coaching. Hopefully a solid effort on the bike and plenty of physio will see me racing again in a month or so.

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