Wednesday, May 06, 2009

On the road again.....

Rode into work yesterday to test out my fitness after a couple of months off. i wasn't too sure if my foot would be up to the task, but then again if I keep waiting I will never find out!

I decided that i would ride the single speed into work for a while as I haven't had a chance to ride it at all, having finishing its build the same weekend I broke my foot in March. 44x17 gearing and a spinning rate of around 100rpm had me wandering down the street at about 30kmh for most of the trip in. This put me at work 28km later in about 55minutes, which I think is pretty bloody good for a first ride, in the wet no less.

Quick breakdown of the ride? The gearing felt a little low and I really had to concentrate on spinning quickly to keep my speed up. I can see this being a valuable tool at the moment in recovering leg speed and cardiovascular fitness. It is clearly going to require a bit more punch on hills, but I dont really think that my legs are ready for that kind of abuse just yet, maybe in a fortnight or so. Stem length and seat position were pretty much spot on, maybe slide the seat back a couple of mm, but otherwise its right on. Theonly problem I encountered was with the wheels, which didn't appreciate a short detour across the park on the way in, and a bit of a shudder through the front end under heavy breaking. Although I do suspect the braking problem had more to do with the tyres i was running, and the wet conditions.

wednesday is a day off the bike, kids to transport to school and afterschool activities. We shall see a resurgence of effort and activity in thursday morning and friday as we lead up towards a weekend hit up on the dirt.