Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Prodigal Son.

Four years........
Many an evening has passed that I have sat and considered my wayward adventures in the wilds, yet it seems that without a Muse these things have remained little more than the mumblings of a wild man in the darkness. It is not clear to me how or why, but it seems to be the order of things that my verbosity is linked directly to my sense of "adventure".  Many would not use the term adventure in such a loose fashion, but hey, it’s my blog and I'll throw the words around in any manner I please.

So what is an adventure? Does the distance from home define it? Can the terrain and the wildlife define it? Is it found in the nature of the solitude or in the value of the friends you take to share the burden? Surely it is more than that.  An adventure is not always a trip with a happy tale or an iconic photo.  In essence and most simply put an adventure is not how far you moved on a journey, but how far the journey moved you.

There has been plenty of adventures since we last sat here and shared a laugh. Clearly a list too tedious to retell with no greater reason than to simply create the illusion that I am some sort of rugged wonderboy seeking validation for my actions. As I approach my upcoming dotage I should reflect on the lessons I have been taught. Clearly if a lesson is to be learned and shared, then the most valuable taught by The Desert is: that if validation is to be sought it should be sought not from others, but from within.

Quite a lot can change in four years, quite a lot has. Change of city, change of job, change of perspective. But regardless of how the world rolls on, some things remain timeless. The smell of an espresso in the morning, the hiss of bike tyres on the tarmac and the innate beauty of the world we inhabit. Don't worry folks, I haven't gone all soft in the head - there is still plenty of things to get Grumpy about.

This year is going to be a busy one, there's a east coast race series to win, World Championships, and The Desert calls to me again. I don't know if I can, but it’s going to be an adventure to try. 

The Prodigal Son has returned.


Olefin said...

It's been a while.

Tim said...

Look forward to reading your tales!