Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Nerd I am, I am said Sam.
This is as simple as green eggs and ham.
Science, these people wish to damn,
and clutter minds with strawberry jam.
This new design is just sham,
I wish their mouth, to act a clam.

I do not like sports and beer,
I will not, can not, abide that here.
I do not wear sporting gear,
I shall not go to football to cheer.
It seems the time for class is near,
To gaze and learn and make things clear.

The time I have I will not waste.
I will not act or speak in haste.
These designers seem so chaste,
their minds by thought have not been graced.
It causes me such great distaste,
They have forgotten about the logic paste.

A nerd I am, I am said Sam.
Please fill my mind not with this jam.

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