Wednesday, August 05, 2009

getting the details sorted...

Well time is quickly running out to prepare for the Simpson Trip. The truck has been my focus over the last two weeks, making sure that it is roadworthy for the journey, and kitted out for the trip. Passing rego was no major issue but it needed new windscreen glass, and a significant wheel alignment to sort out a few niggling issues.

The rear storage space has been divided up with a drawer system, although I wont actually drop in the rear drawer until I get back as I think the space will be more easily used as a large void for shoving stuff into. Thanks to my mate Paul Honeywill who gave me quite alot of help in getting the storage unit built up and installed, it was clearly not a one man job.

The recovery gear has all been checked out, and the guys at ARB St Peters have been really helpful in making sure that everything strapped onto the car will a)stay there and b)do the job is has been asked to do. ARB have been a great help in making sure the truck is set-up properly, and now I feel a bit happier to just pass over the keys and see it at the other end.

A meeting of the ride crew, last weekend, got alot of the little details sorted out and now we have three trucks carting 10 people and 6 bikes out to the race with an additional 850L of water, 500L of fuel, recovery gear, 3 fridges, 2 full sets of bike tools and work stands, camping gear, food for 10 for a week and everyones personal junk! Lucky I pack light!

Accommodation out and back has been sorted out, and I should have Internet or phone access for the entire trip, except the 5 days of the race. I will try and keep you up to date. Mark Polley, the race director has said that he will try and load the daily results up on the site via sat phone each night, so there you go, you will be able to keep an eye on how the race is going via the daily stats.

All I have left to sort out is my race food, the final service on my bike, ohh and a spot of riding if I can find the time.

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