Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wild, Wild West

We decided this morning that we should get underway quite early as we had a significant drive to do, leaving at 5am we headed west towards South Australia and Port Augusta for Lunch and some groceries. a couple of coffees and some race food (aka Pizza) later, and we met up with the Summit Trax lads at the petrol station for the trip north to Coober Pedy.

As the girls hit up Go-Lo for foam Pirate swords, the rest of us sorted out important jobs like food and fuel and scoped out the competition. the drive was LOOOOOOOOOOOONG, and just a little bit samey samey, but only for the first 600km. A couple of stops at Woomera for a photo op at the missile launch site and a couple of the salt lakes allowed a welcome releif from the driving,and eventually we rolled into Coober Pedy.

Wayne (Rocket Man) Chapman managed to completely bungle the bookings for the evening and after the second attempt we managed to find an underground hotel that actually had our names in their booking sheet. settling in underground we relaxed, there is only one more day of driving to the start, and tomorrow we hit the desert!

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